Buy the software?

10/30/2016 11:27:57 PM
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Buy the software?


I was wondering if anybody knows where you can buy the software and/or see the price? 


11/2/2016 12:10:50 AM
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Re: Buy the software? Current Prices and Resellers

Hello ShepaKing,

ivsEdits commercial version exists in three bundles:

a) Standard one that includes,ivsEditsPro, ivsCapture, ivsRecode, CaymanPowerCG, that has a current price of 495,00Euro (prices may have little differences according the country and the national distributor). Live features enabled (Live on Timeline, separated outputs for FILL and Key, etc.)

b) Extended one that includes ivsEdits OnAir Server, a powerful "channel in a box" automation/playout system for TV stations and WebTVs.

c) ivsEdits Instant Replay: a special version that adds ivsCaptureRSX and special features for instant replay for sports and live events based on the powerful ivsEdits timeline for highlights instead of the standard playlist of the other systems. Probably the best instant replay system on the market, in any price range. The price is related to the number of the simultaneous capture/IR channels.

Users can buy the software from local resellers or from; each country has its own rules. For more informations, please write to

Best Regards,

Paolo Castellano



11/2/2016 2:41:50 AM
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Re: Buy the software?

Thank you so much Paolo! I have been wondering where the information was, so thank you for giving me the website. I will be sure to learn more on the website, and possibly gain more questions.

Best regards,


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