Malware problem

6/12/2018 3:38:41 PM
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Malware problem


I purchased a stock standard Win 10 desktop PC from my local JB HiFi. Getting it home I plugged everything in, connected to the net, logged into Gmail and Facebook, connected the printer – all worked fine. I then downloaded Open Office from and installed it from the .exe file. I then rebooted the PC and bingo, it was full of malware. Not just the usual quiet script that sits in the background and quietly sends off all your login details and credit card numbers to a server in Russia or somewhere. But, instead, PC scanning software was installed and webpage redirects, I couldn't even load a site as I'd be redirected to another site. Badly written scripts bought the system to virtually a complete halt. I managed to clean up the mess with Malwarebytes. But my question is, I thought that MS had their own anti-virus system installed on Windows 10? Do I really need to install anti-virus software?

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