Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme?

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6/12/2018 3:52:35 PM
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Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme?


I just purchased a Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme. I want to use it with Touchdesigner 088 (64-bit) Build 7260 on a Macbook Pro Retina running Bootcamp Windows 8. The capture card works fine with the included Blackmagic software. I'm able to select "Blackmagic WDM Capture" as my device using the "DirectShow (WDM)" library, but I get an error message on my Video In TOP that reads "Error: Unable to start device capture". Any thoughts on how to get this working? Is this equipment even compatible?

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5/20/2021 10:04:16 AM
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Re: Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme?

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