All ivsEdit™ & ivsCapture PRO™ licences include 12 month of premium support by IVS, made via email, forum, telephone, skype and remote support. IVS staff has more than 20 years of experience supporting editors, directors and story tellers of any city of any country in the world. Browsing the web you will find several reviews and recommendations, like this one. Free versions get free support via the official user forum. On the left side of this page you will find our contacts and other useful links. To receive news and suggestions about ivsEdits, please subscribe to the newsletter or add a like to our facebook page.

All IVS products, including ivsEdit™ & ivsCapture PRO, are available worldwide through a list of international partners. Some products require an USB dongle, that requires a phisical shipping. Other ones are available via download only.

IVS staff supports several markets directly, please write us to know the best way to get your licence and dongle.

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