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 Recent Changes:


  • WE RECOMMEND TO INSTALL IVSEDITS V.4.X  or HIGHER IN A PATH LIKE  "C:/IVS" or "X:/IVS". PROGRAM FILES FOLDER  should be avoided because current Windows versions  not allows to update presets, macro, effects or any file is stored in the Program Files path without to assign ADMINISTRATOR privileges to the  applications like ivsEdits.
  • WARNING : Opening projects created  with ivsEdits build 470 or lower, it is required to refresh again the desired output device before to edit, play or export any movie. Go to menu I/O>Timeline and Device Settings (SHIFT+F5).
  • WARNING :  the suggested BLACK MAGIC DESIGN DESKTOP VIDEO DRIVERS  are version 10.6.8 for all PCI-E cards. According Users Feedback, there are several audio problems with some BMD USB 3 DEVICES (Intensity Shuttle) running drivers from version 9.7.1 to 10.x playing some Audio programs and Windows Sounds. 

ivsEdits v.3.1 Build 500: Changes from Build 491. [Release date: 2014 27 12]

  • Several Player optimizations.
  • New Feature: Support added for Contour Shuttle PRO devices.
  • Bug Fix: Crashes attempting to export in AVI, FLV and MOV, Fixed.
  • New Shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+A Splits the selected Audio Channels
  • GUI Improvement: The size of clip names in Timeline and Repository has been increased.
  • New Feature: Added the Gesture "Shift+Mouse Wheel" that scrolls the Timeline.
  • New Shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+B Fades IN/OUT without show the dialog.
  • New Feature: Added Timecode Clip Sorting in Repositories Menu.
  • New Feature: Added Virtual Clips Sorting in Repositories Menu to help to delete them quickly.
  • ivsEdits OnAir 9.2.161 several minor improvements , Load button has been added that loads and replaces the current Playlist.
  • ivsCapture Extented support of MPEG2 capture over some network drives/NAS not supported in the previous builds. 
  • ivsRecode Crashes loading projects with missing clips: fixed.


ivsEdits v.3.0 Build 491: Changes from Build 484. [Release date: 2014 06 12]

  • New Feature: ivsEdits supports frame rate conversion in exporting.
  • New Feature: Proc Amp, Brightness and Contrast, Color Balance effects dialogs have a wipe tool to compare CC results.
  • New feature : M4A audio files can be converted directly in wav files like MP3 files during the collection:
  • Exporting to ivsEdits Onair it is not required to avoid to delete the extension .twoa.
  • Several fixes working with mono audio clips.
  • ivsEdits OnAir 9.2.151 several Gui improvements with Better DVE controls, better Playlist Sorting window, more Clock options.
  • ivsEdits OnAir 9.2.151 fixed some problems Adding or Inserting IvsEdits Timelines.
  • ivsCapture DPS files without Time Limit check cant be greater than 1h33minutes: fixed. 
  • ivsRecode Improved MTS and GOPRO files recoding.

ivsEdits v.3.0 Build 484: Changes from Build 470. [Release date: 2014 03 19]

  • New Feature: ivsEdits and Multicam Editor allow to set a start offset in Timeline Ruler.
  • New Feature: Timeline Ruler can show Timecode in Frames.
  • New Feature: Trim Window shows the reel's Timecode.
  • New Feature: SHIFT+J and SHIFT+L Start the playback Framerate  at -50% and +50%
  • New feature: CONTROL+J and CONTROL+L Start the playback Framerate  at -25% and 25%
  • New feature: SHIFT+CONTROL+J and SHIFT+CONTROL+L Start the playback Framerate  at -100% and 100%
  • New feature: Video Solo Keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 and "\" enables/disables all video tracks
  • Movie bar IN and Out keys have been moved in CTRL+1 and CTRL+2
  • New feature: Video Effects editor Keyframes editing has been improved, we have removed NO keyframe checkbox and we have moved the option in the keyframes editing modes, we have added extended Mode, it deletes all Keyframes on the right of the current one.
  • Video Effects and Transitions Editor are listing now always 5 items for each row.
  • Transitions: Reverse mode has been fixed.
  • Transitions: Problems with Crop and borders Effect has been fixed.
  • Glow Effect: Fixed a problem with blending when there are some other effects.
  • Preference Program: There is a new option to show the first frame of clip opening the Video Effects Editor. 
  • Align by Timecode has been fixed.
  • The effects ProcAMP, Color Balance, Brightness Contrast are now adjustable with keys.
  • Multicam Editor: CONTROL+G works in Multicam editor too.
  • Exporting Legacy DPS files from Full HD Projects is not working: Fixed.
  • Loading Macro effects with Mask Effects the mask is not always applied: Fixed.
  • New ivsEdits OnAir 9.2 Build 146: some minor fixes importing ivsEdits Timelines to detect the audio levels.
  • Some minor changes


ivsEdits v.3.0 Build 470: Changes from Build 465. [Release date: 2014 02 11]

  • (ivsEdits LE only)Exporting is locked to uncopressed AVI under Windows 8/8.1 with UAC on: Fixed!.
  • New Feature: JKL has been enabled for ivsEdits and Multicam Editor.
  • New feature: Cursor Keys allow to navigate in the Repository clips.
  • New feature: Space HotKey on selected clip in the repository starts Playback of that clip in the trim window.
  • new ivsOnAir 9.2 Build 145 is now called ivsEdits OnAir.
  • ivsEdits onAir: Now it is possible to load/append playlists exported from ivsEdits Timeline.
  • ivsEdits onAir: There is a new option to disable autorun of video playlist
  • ivsEdits onAir: Solo Audio in Playlist 3 disables all Audio feedback from other playlists playing clips in playlist 3.

ivsEdits v.2.7 Build 465: Changes from Build 463. [Release date: 2013 12 30]

  • WARNING : All projects, created or opened with ivsEdits build 460 or higher, will be not compatible with previous ivsEdits builds.
  • New feature: Virtual Clips in the Repository are now easy to detect. The missing Video Clips will show a red border around the Thumbnails.
  • Some fixes in the Virtual clips replace dialog.
  • Exporting to MOV has been improved.
  • some minor changes


ivsEdits v.2.7 Build 463: Changes from Build 450. [Release date: 2013 12 24]

  • WARNING : All projects, created or opened with ivsEdits build 460, will be not compatible with previous ivsEdits builds.
  • New feature: Watch Folder collection of media files.
  • New Feature: Watch folder can be switched between ADD or SYNC modes. In Sync mode removing the clips from folder they will be removed from Repository too.
  • New feature: Watch Folder is enabled as default for Repository1 creating a new project. The default folder path is project AV-IN folder.
  • New feature: The names of Repositories with Watch Folder enabled will be marked with "*"
  • New feature: The Timeline and Repositories Tabs can be moved by right button menu.
  • New Multicam Editor based on Build 460 Code - Previous was based on build 422 Code.
  • Multicam editor: Some changes to improve unsynced Audio clips management.
  • (PAGE DOWN -> CTRL+V ) Paste clip after Page Down is now supported.
  • Match frame tool on  Toolbar is not highlighted clicking on Timeline Ruler.
  • Fixed potential application crash working with Crawls when duration of crawl is greater than clip duration.
  • Fixed a potential application crash working with Border and Crop Effect when the crop was in negative range.
  • Copying Clips from Repository to Timeline where some haven't audio are now copied without audio shift
  • new licence protection.(only ivsEdits Suite )
  • Some other minor changes
  • new ivsOnAir 9.0 Build 135.
  • ivsOnAir: There is a new Time indipendent Playlist
  • ivsOnAir : It is possible to type Timecode without ":"
  • ivsOnAir: Freeimage.dll Support adds BMP and PSD graphic files.


ivsEdits v.2.6 Build 450: Changes from Build 442. [Release date: 2013 10 09]

  • New feature: Mp3 files can be converted in wav format during media collection. There is a new checkbox in Preferences > Repository Configuration. (MP3 is not available in ivsEdits LE)
  • New feature: New slider controls and features for Border and Crop effect.
  • New feature:New Update Button in Color Balance Effect.
  • New H264 decoder build: H264 Mov files saved with Old Canon H264 Encoder are managed with right aspect ratio and vertical resolution. Now thumbnails work fine. (H264 is not available in ivsEdits LE)
  • New clip caching method allows to decrease memory usage in Full HD or higher resolutions.
  • New feature: Audio Clip Gain is adjustable now in two ways, i.e. by dialog and by VU meters sliders . The dialog mode allows to copy and paste the desired value for all selected audio clips.
  • New Feature: Toolbar PLAY I/O button is now enabled.
  • New Feature: ALT+F Now it allows to copy and paste all selected clips from Timeline to Repository instead to one only.
  • Bug Fix: Enabling "Timeline Timecode Overlay", visual TC was enabled on Trim Window Output too: Fixed!
  • Several minor fixes to improve Toolbar and Timeline interaction clicking on Timeline Ruler.
  • Bug Fix: restored the right toolbar tool clicking Variable Speed button.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a potential application crash running masks or wipes with resolution higher than the project one.
  • Bug Fix: Find Target Path doesn't work when the clips are stored in the root of the partitions: Fixed!
  • Bug Fix: clicking Open Projects dialog on startup instead to open the last path used to create the last project, C: Root is Open:Fixed!
  • Bug Fix: On Line Guide is available again using the menu and F1 keyboard button.
  • Some other minor changes

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