ivsEdits v.4.2 Build 597c: Changes from Build 597c. [Release date: 2016 07 20]

  • We have updated the installer (ivsEdits LE/FREE version only) to add some missing filters required to recode some  audio and video formats.

ivsEdits v.4.2 Build 597: Changes from Build 582. [Release date: 2016 07 01]

  • WAVE Audio recoding supports WMA files automatically in addition to MP3 and M4A files.
  • Color Balance effect hangs on some systems: Fixed! 

ivsEdits v.4.2 Build 596: Changes from Build 582. [Release date: 2016 07 01]

  • Some Player otimizations have halved memory usage and considerably increased average realtime playback cababilities.
  • Still Frame generation and management has been improved.
  • New option in Color Balance effect  helps to balance white or colors more quickly and in more accurated mode.
  • Updated H264 presets to export MKV and MP4 files with higher quality.
  • Trim Window with Decklink output uses interlacing pause mode as Timeline default Player setting.
  • Trim Window some fixes to manage clips with starting Timecode that is not 00:00:00:00.
  • Playlists Export to ivsEdits onAir has been improved. 

ivsEdits v.4.1 Build 582: Changes from Build 522. [Release date: 2016 06 18]

  • Vimeo is now the ivsEdits preferred publisher (New feature: Print to Vimeo and Upload video files to Vimeo from Repository Window). Exporting/Printing to Vimeo generates high quality MKV files.
  • SD/HD/4K MPEG2 exporting available with FREE Version too after to have uploaded/printed one clip/file to Vimeo.
  • Dramatically Improved Pictures and video clips aspect ratio cross-conversions and managment.
  • Improved H264 encoding is now 3x faster and if Intel Quicksync acceleration is available upto 15x faster than previous versions.(the new features  are supported for MP4 and VIMEO/MKV files , not yet for MTS files exporting)
  • Video feedback quality of Preview, Trim and Multicamera windows  has been dramatically improved switching from VMR to D2D based Directshow filter. It avoids dual Intel-Nvidia GPU driver limitation on laptops (solid gray video preview feedback running laptops with dual graphics when Nvidia acelleration is enabled).
  • Some Opengl fixes to support all effects with AMD gpus too.
  • New feature: Repository Preference option allows to force DPS or MPEG auto recoding of all video clips collected to edit your video faster and more accurately.
  • Some Trim window related fixes and shortcuts have been added: GOTO IN = CTRL+SHIFT+I  and GOTO OUT = CTRL+SHIFT+O.
  • Some minor fixes loading BMP and TGA files or exporting SD NTSC XDCAM files(PRO ONLY). 

ivsEdits v.4.0 Build 522: Changes from Build 500. [Release date: 2015 11 18]

  • Several Player optimizations to increase Slowmotion and DVE motion/FXs quality .
  • New app ivsTSWizard: it is required to join files like MTS,TS, M2TS avoiding any video frame and/or audio sample drop (PRO Only).
  • New crash-recovery /Projects Auto Backup managment.
  • New feature:  Menu options to regenerate clip Thumbnails.
  • New feature:  Menu options to regenerate clip waveforms.
  • New feature: support for TC from wave audio clips.
  • Improved DPS decoder and encoder(PRO only) .
  • Improved H264 decoding to support Sony FS7 files.
  • Improved MPEG2 Decoding and encoding.
  • Improved XDCAM encoding to generate full compliant files.
  • New Bokeh Disk effect (requires high end Nvidia GPU card like  GTX 970 or higher)
  • New Cross Hatch effect (requires high end Nvidia GPU card like  GTX 970 or higher)
  • New 20 OpenGL effects (require high end Nvidia GPU card like  GTX 970 or higher)
  • Fixed some problems generating DV files running HD projects.
  • ivsEdits OnAir 10 improved Live performance and general stability.
  • ivsCapture Capture IMX/XDCAM files with 100% compatibility with Avid Mediacomposer. (PRO ONLY)
  • ivsRecode Support for 4K UHD and DCI clips, 100p to 25p and some other changes/fixes.(PRO ONLY)

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