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Igor Mitoraj masterpieces in Pompei, 2016-2017 

Posted by paolo.castellano Tuesday, April 11, 2017 7:26:00 PM Categories: Archeology
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Since their discovery in the 1748, Pompei Excavations are one of the most important attractions of the whole world. Last year more than 3.2 millions of visitors enjoied this unique trip into our past. Until the next 1st of May, there is one more reason to visit this UNESCO wonder, the Igor Mitoraj exhibition. 30 huge sculptures  of the French-Polish artist are placed all across the archeological site. Mitoraj, a contemporary "classic" sculptor, who spent many time of his life in Italy, in Pietrasanta, to stay close to "marble birth", wished to show his work in Pompei for many, many years. He was successful to get it possible, but he died in the 2014 before his dream came to reality. I feel very happy and lucky to have visited the Pompei excavation during the Mitoraj exhibition, and I strongly suggest, to all of you to go there before the 1st of May, your souls will thank you! While in the area, don't miss the other archeological wonders of Naples and its surroundings. With the same ticket, valid for three days, you can visit Pompei, Ercolano, Oplonti, Stabiae and Boscoreale. I told it several times, and I will tell it one more, if the most notable persons of all ages choose the area around Naples to build their luxury houses, there is a real reason!








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