ivsEdit™ 2024 Requirements: One of the main features of ivsEdits is to output, no compromise, full quality video during editing. For optimal Real Time playback of HD and 4K resolution projects, ivsEdits requires a system with a wide memory bandwidth. This is usually provided by laptops and workstations powered by multi channel DIMMs and multi core CPUs from AMD or Intel. To help our users to get the best from their workstations and laptops, we developed a dedicated benchmark, "ivsEdits Speed Tester: its result will tell if your PC can support HD, 4K or 8K projects, and can help you and/or your system administrator to tune it. ivsEdits SpeedTester is bundled into ivsEdits, but it is available as stand alone software too; you can find its tutorial here. To maximize performance, ivsEdits makes use of your GPU. For the best 4K editing experience, choose a fast GPUs like the Nvidia RTX A4000. If that's not possible, other cheaper options could be a GTX1650 or a RTX3060. CPU with integrated graphics (SoC), are supported, but you can’t expect the same performance of a dedicated GPU.


Recommended Desktop Systems         Recommended Laptop Systems


Hardware Requirements for HD and 4K editing:


OS: Windows 7, 8,10 & 11  (32bit versions are compatible, 64bit strongly recommended)

CPU: AMD Ryzen Quad/Six/Eight/Ten Cores, Intel Core i5, i7 & i9, Intel® Xeon®.

GPU: Nvidia Quadro A4000 / Geforce GTX1050, GTX1650, RTX3060, etc.

RAM: 8GB or more. The faster the better


Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft DirectX June 2010 Update. Windows 10 build 1511 or newer usually doesn't require it.

  • Apple QuickTime player 7.71 or newer.



  • AVIRA ANTIVIRUS SERIES (FREE and FULL) are the recommended antivirus. AVG, AVAST, NOD, F-Secure and many others are detecting some ivsEdits code as false positive and could prevent the software to run properly.

  • PLEASE, BE CAREFUL TO ADDITIONAL CODEC PACKS: ivsEdits couldn't work properly if one or more packs like K-Lite Codec Pack, Advanced Windows Codec Pack, CCCP , LAV FILTERS,  Mediaplayer Classic are installed into the system.

  • Systems with AMD or Intel Core 2 CPU Series are not recommended to edit in FULL HD modes. The slow memory controller limits real-time performance to SD or HD Proxy Modes only.

  • Intel GPUs HD2000, 2500 and  3000 are compatible, but not suggested, due to the low performances in HD acceleration of 3D DVE, Picture in Picture, GLOW and Page Effects. HD3000 and HD4000  are powerful enough for SD projects. Please note that due to a driver limitation, their performance under Windows XP is not sufficient for SD too.

  • The Intel GPU HD 4600, with drivers versions 3200 up to 3345, is compatible with ivsEdits and offers a minimum realtime support for GPU effects in HD too. Intel HD4600, with drivers from build  3360 up to 4264, due to an Intel Driver bug, is too much slow to run any GPU accelerated effects. Laptops with Intel HD4600 and NVDIA 800M setting the target GPU on Nvidia 800M are showing FULL SOLID GRAY instead of Video feedback due to another Intel driver bug.

  • Windows 7 Aero Glass have to be turned-off running ivsEdits  with AMD or Nvidia GPUs. With Intel GPUs there are not known problems.

  • Motherboards with multiplexed PCI-E slots are unsuggested due to higher latency of PCI-E 16x slots (Asus P9X79 WS , Asus P9X79-E WS)

  • Windows 7/8/10 32bit , due to the few memory available, could allow to work with SD or Proxy modes projects only. A 64Bit OS is highly recommended.

  • ivsRecode and the integrated titler Cayman Graphics PowerCG XR are available with ivsEdits full version only. 

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