How to determine if I need an ESA or a service animal?

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2/21/2023 12:58:21 AM
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How to determine if I need an ESA or a service animal?

If you find yourself having random panic attacks or experiencing bursts of sadness after trauma, you may need psychological help. You should take your mental health as seriously as you take your physical health. Animal therapy may help you progress on your journey towards mental peace. The first step for this procedure is getting the required documentation.

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How to get an ESA

An emotional support animal is any pet that has the distinct purpose of improving your mental health. However, you need an official emotional support animal letter that can be obtained from a mental health caregiver with a license. With this document, you will be able to keep your pet in your apartment even if there is a strict NO PET policy. You can cuddle, pet, and groom them to eliminate all the negative energy in your head.

The first step of getting an ESA is to contact a licensed health professional and ask them to diagnose you. After a series of tests and questioning, if you qualify, they will write the letter for you and mail it to your home. If you are currently taking therapy sessions, you can ask your therapist for the letter. However, if you are not, you can consult one online. Make sure you critically analyze the website and stay away from scams.

Service Animal

Service animals are physical helpers for their disabled owners. They assist their owners in day-to-day tasks. Since training is essential, not all pets are suitable service animals. You should make your service animal wear a vest or collar that identifies them. Service animals are allowed wherever their owners are allowed to go.

Major Difference between Both

To understand whether a service animal or ESA is best for you, their differences must be defined. Before reading this section, please think about your illness and critically analyze which animal category would be more suited to you. There are countless differences between ESAs and service animals. Some of these differences are:

1.      Specie

An ESA can be almost any animal that you find adorable. Some ESAs include cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, chameleons, rabbits, mice, and hedgehogs. Since they do not do any work for you, you have a wide range of animals to select from. Go for the animals that you find cutest. If you want a wide variety to choose from, get an ESA.

Your service animal cannot be untrainable or impractical animals like hamsters, goldfish, or even most cats. Since they have to physically help you, it is recommended that you get a dog. Other species of service animals include horses, parrots, and pigs. A dog is trainable and much more obedient than the rest of these species. If you are physically and mentally unstable, and you want a dog, go for a service animal. 

2.      Purpose

You may suffer from a physical disability, mental illness, or both. If you are physically fit, go for an ESA. Even if you do not want to get out of bed in the morning due to depression, you should get an ESA. Service dogs are strictly for physically disabled people like quadriplegic or paraplegics. Their purpose is to help your physical needs rather than cater to your emotions.

Go through your life problems and analyze which type better serves your needs. If you think that a service animal is required, go for it. If you feel like your mental health is weak, consult a professional and get your ESA letter. Make the decision quickly according to your needs.

3.      Types

Some recommended ESAs include:

·         Dog

·         Cat

·         Ferret

·         Fish

·         Pig

Some recommended types of Service animals include:

·         Dog

If you are not a dog person, go for another species like pigs or parrots but they won't be able to do the job properly. If you can do most of your tasks yourself despite your physical disability, go for an ESA. You can also get two separate animals i.e., an ESA and a service dog.

Main Characteristics to look for in:

1.      Service animal

·         Trainability:

Training is very important for service animals. You should go for a dog breed that is easy to train e.g., German shepherd, Border Collie, or Golden retriever, etc. You should read articles on different breeds and the tasks that these dogs can perform. You can also get pre-trained dogs that suit your disability as service animals.

·         Calmness

The service animal should be known for their calm demeanor. An angry and disobedient service animal is of no use. Since you are selecting a companion for a long time, you should carry out the necessary research. Some calm dogs include golden retrievers, pug, and bulldogs.

2.      ESA

·         Cuteness

Cuteness is a relative term. Some people find snakes cute, while others are terrified of them. Close your eyes and imagine you’ve had a long hard day. Now imagine coming home to a cute companion. Contact a licensed health professional and ask them to draft an ESA letter for housing. Use this letter to get the animal you were just imagining.

·         Affection

Your ESA should reciprocate the energy you show towards them. When you come home from work, your ESA should be happy to see you. They should want your complete attention. A dog and some cats are highly affectionate ESAs.


In conclusion, ESAs and service animals are different beings. The former is for your mental health, while the latter is for your physical health. You should consult a mental health professional to get the ESA documentation. Buying a dog is always a wise choice because they are trainable and affectionate.

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