Getting a watermark

7/4/2016 10:31:09 PM
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Getting a watermark

I just downloaded the latest version. As soon as I put the video clips in to edit, I get a water mark of

Is this a fixed thing in this version, or can we put our own water mark there.

7/5/2016 3:15:53 PM
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Re: Getting a watermark

Sorry,in order to get answers more quickly the users should post more accurately the details of the problem encountered, like the format and extension of clips you are droping on the Timeline, project settings, the OS/ ivsEdits versions and some system info like brand, cpu /VGA/ memory type too .

AVCHD /MTS/MKV files show a watermark to avoid to let use them on Timeline because they are not designed to be edited natively with frame/field accuracy.So to avoid watermark please go in Preference >> Repository Configuration panel and enable Recode in DPS format . Warning! enabling it all not DPS files will be recoded to DPS at collection.  ivsEdits Pro (commercial) offers smart and faster background recoding cababilities.  

Best Regards

Roberto Castellano


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