Phantom frames remaining after trimming

10/1/2017 7:58:13 PM
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Phantom frames remaining after trimming

Hello, this is my first try with ivEdits LE. I've been playing with the middle of a video clip obtained by either trimming from the trim window or moving the markers. Whenever I preview, a frame that comes after the clip I'm using shows for a second or so. When I try to locate it going frame by frame, it is absent. It logically belongs to a part that's been trimmed away; but for some reason that part only shows up during preview at normal speed and, unfortunately, on export. The only workaround I can see is to do the trimming with Windows Movie Maker and then import the output into ivEdits.

Originally, the clip I'm importing is an mp4 that ivEdits won't import; and I converted it with Handbreaker, using 3 different formats; but I'm getting the same behaviour with all these formats.

10/2/2017 2:40:36 AM
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Re: Phantom frames remaining after trimming

Hello Jmlarch,

ivsEdits doesn't require another editor to trim the files :-) To support you I need to make some questions; do you know which is the camera that made the .mp4 files? Have you some small samples? What are the settings you used with handbrake? Are you using the last ivsEdits build (607)?



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