Serious Problem With Blackmagic Design URSA

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6/12/2018 3:49:52 PM
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Serious Problem With Blackmagic Design URSA


I have recently purchased URSA Mini 4.6K but I feel myself unlucky with this camera. When I used the camera for first time, I made firmware update to the camera and installed version 4.2. It was working normally until last day when I started experiencing a problem. The image appears clearly in the monitor and viewfinder for a few seconds but suddenly disappears and the monitor turns black with no any image. I tried to reset the camera but the problem still exists. I tried to revert the firmware to version 3.3 and again the problem appears. The image comes back for a few minutes and disappears once again. What do you think the problem is? Is there anything related to the sensor? I would rather consider it a serious problem because I cannot shot with the camera anymore.

Please help

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Thank you

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