ivsEdits and ivsEdits Speed Tester require the login to access to the downloads. If you don't have an account, please create it and log in. After making it, this page will show more text and informations , including download links. Here is the list of the most recent changes. Stay tuned, many more coming soon!

ivsEdits v.5.0 Build 607: Changes from Build 603. [Release date: 2017 03 06]
  • BUG FIX; Batch conversion from MTS/MP4 with AC3 audio Fixed.
  • NEW FX; Added FX presets to quick rotate mobile videos (PIP EFFECTS Folder)
  • BUG FIX; Appling FXs on 50p/60p/29.97p/59.94i graphics clips, the effect duration is wrong during playback:Fixed!.

 ivsEdits v.5.0 Build 606: Changes from Build 597. [Release date: 2016 11 16]

  • NEW tools to improve VIMEO integration
  • NEW FX: There are 17 new OpenGL based effects (Various Shaders folder); they include some vectorial animated backgrounds, Nightvision and some other filters.
  • Updated H264 presets to export MKV and MP4 files with higher quality.
  •  ENHANCED BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST FX : We have added a SCREEN BLENDING option to edit/color/manage  Light Leaks with one filter.  
  • NEW EDITING TOOLS; ADDED SOME MENU ITEMS TO COPY/PASTE/SET AUDIO Handles (CTRL+Q to set a specified value to all selected Handles).
  • APPLY TRANSITIONS applies transitions moving the order of clips in some circumstances: FIXED.
  • Improved MPEG2 Native editing.
  • ivsRECODE: Right 3840 X size in output file has been restored( ivsEdits PRO only).   


ivsEdits v.4.2 Build 597c: Changes from Build 597c. [Release date: 2016 07 20]
  • We have updated the installer (ivsEdits LE/FREE version only) to add some missing filters required to recode some  audio and video formats.
ivsEdits v.4.2 Build 597: Changes from Build 582. [Release date: 2016 07 01]
  • WAVE Audio recoding supports WMA files automatically in addition to MP3 and M4A files.
  • Color Balance effect hangs on some systems: Fixed! 
ivsEdits v.4.2 Build 596: Changes from Build 582. [Release date: 2016 07 01]
  • Some Player otimizations have halved memory usage and considerably increased average realtime playback cababilities.
  • Still Frame generation and management has been improved.
  • New option in Color Balance effect  helps to balance white or colors more quickly and in more accurated mode.
  • Updated H264 presets to export MKV and MP4 files with higher quality.
  • Trim Window with Decklink output uses interlacing pause mode as Timeline default Player setting.
  • Trim Window some fixes to manage clips with starting Timecode that is not 00:00:00:00.
  • Playlists Export to ivsEdits onAir has been improved. 
ivsEdits v.4.1 Build 582: Changes from Build 522. [Release date: 2016 06 18]
  • Vimeo is now the ivsEdits preferred publisher (New feature: Print to Vimeo and Upload video files to Vimeo from Repository Window). Exporting/Printing to Vimeo generates high quality MKV files.
  • SD/HD/4K MPEG2 exporting available with FREE Version too after to have uploaded/printed one clip/file to Vimeo.
  • Dramatically Improved Pictures and video clips aspect ratio cross-conversions and managment.
  • Improved H264 encoding is now 3x faster and if Intel Quicksync acceleration is available upto 15x faster than previous versions.(the new features  are supported for MP4 and VIMEO/MKV files , not yet for MTS files exporting)
  • Video feedback quality of Preview, Trim and Multicamera windows  has been dramatically improved switching from VMR to D2D based Directshow filter. It avoids dual Intel-Nvidia GPU driver limitation on laptops (solid gray video preview feedback running laptops with dual graphics when Nvidia acelleration is enabled).
  • Some Opengl fixes to support all effects with AMD gpus too.
  • New feature: Repository Preference option allows to force DPS or MPEG auto recoding of all video clips collected to edit your video faster and more accurately.
  • Some Trim window related fixes and shortcuts have been added: GOTO IN = CTRL+SHIFT+I  and GOTO OUT = CTRL+SHIFT+O.
  • Some minor fixes loading BMP and TGA files or exporting SD NTSC XDCAM files(PRO ONLY). 
ivsEdits v.4.0 Build 522: Changes from Build 500. [Release date: 2015 11 18]
  • Several Player optimizations to increase Slowmotion and DVE motion/FXs quality .
  • New app ivsTSWizard: it is required to join files like MTS,TS, M2TS avoiding any video frame and/or audio sample drop (PRO Only).
  • New crash-recovery /Projects Auto Backup managment.
  • New feature:  Menu options to regenerate clip Thumbnails.
  • New feature:  Menu options to regenerate clip waveforms.
  • New feature: support for TC from wave audio clips.
  • Improved DPS decoder and encoder(PRO only) .
  • Improved H264 decoding to support Sony FS7 files.
  • Improved MPEG2 Decoding and encoding.
  • Improved XDCAM encoding to generate full compliant files.
  • New Bokeh Disk effect (requires high end Nvidia GPU card like  GTX 970 or higher)
  • New Cross Hatch effect (requires high end Nvidia GPU card like  GTX 970 or higher)
  • New 20 OpenGL effects (require high end Nvidia GPU card like  GTX 970 or higher)
  • Fixed some problems generating DV files running HD projects.
  • ivsEdits OnAir 10 improved Live performance and general stability.
  • ivsCapture Capture IMX/XDCAM files with 100% compatibility with Avid Mediacomposer. (PRO ONLY)
  • ivsRecode Support for 4K UHD and DCI clips, 100p to 25p and some other changes/fixes.(PRO ONLY)






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