Q: Is ivsEditsLE free "for real" or is it subject to expiration?
A: ivsEditsLE is free and your licence is perpetual and will never expire.
Q: After some use ivsEditsLE asks me to make an automatic activation, is it normal? Why does it make it?
A: Yes, it is normal. It will try to make it automatically, but it is possible that your antivirus or firewall won't allow it. In such case you can send us your user code by email and we will provide you an alphanumeric code. ivsEditsLE asks to be activated because we'd need to know, among the millions of downloads, how many people are really using it. We don't get and store any personal or sensible datas.
Q: What are the main differences between ivsEditsLE and Full?
A: ivsEditsLE has the same editing tools of the PRO version. It has less video transitions, less video codecs, no integrated Titler (you'd use Photoshop, Gimp, Bluff Titler or other tools to create titles with alpha channel). The PRO version bundles "ivsRecode", a professional transcoding software and has additional tools for LIVE non LINEAR MULTICAMERA EDITING and support via phone, Skype, email and remote desktop.
Q: How can I add titles to a timeline of ivsEditsLE since it doesn't include a titler?
A: Although ivsEditsLE doesn't have a titler, you can add still and motion graphics using files with the transparency channel (alpha channel) like TGA32 or AVI32 bit. There are dozens of free apps to create these files, we may suggest to use GIMP, who generates automatically the alpha channel when you save any files into TGA file format.
Q: The free version doesn't include "ivsRecode" and my video files are not supported natively on the timeline of ivsEdits Free; there is a way to convert my files without buying 3rd party software?
A: Yes, sure! ivsEditsLE and PRO have a feature to convert in background files added to a repository (file bin). They are converted in high quality 4:2:2 .dps/.dva files for fast editing. Just check if the option is enabled within "File> Preferences> Repository Configuration> Recode Video Files to> DPS". In the same windwow you will find the option to automatically convert MP3 files to WAV for faster editing.
Q: The audio playback of my timeline is not smooth, what's happening?
A: Please take a look at the "Buffer Bar", the green bar at the bottom of the timeline. It shows the status of the "PRE-READ" of ivsEdits. Normally, during timeline playback of clips without effects, the Buffer BAR should always be "FULL GREEN" and should decrease on segments with several effects applied only. If the bar is empty, it means that your PC is not powerful enough to handle the video mode (resolution, frame rate), the video codec, or the effects applied on that segment. Sometimes the same effect is applied two times. The solution is to remove some effects, to use a lower resolution during the editing (you may use the proxy modes and then use the HD mode again before exporting).


Q: If my PC is not fast enough for a smooth preview, can I export my timeline and get a "smooth file"?

A: Yes, you can. If the reason of your "jerky preview" is the lack of power of your computer, the exported files will be perfect.



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